June 20, 2024


About GoBidud

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Core Belief

One kind act cascades a sea of kindness and brotherhood which irrigates the earth which we commonly share.


Faces Concealed: Hearts Revealed

Our Mission

To promote friendship, brotherhood, the value of life, and facilitate free acts of kindness.
To create a framework for friends to safely care for the needs of those with limited mobility during the Covid-19 era and times of crises.
To share the burden and encourage the quarantined in their special efforts in saving lives.
To provide guidance and useful information for navigating the Covid-19 era and times of crises.
To facilitate communities across the globe to join our cause.

Who are we?

We are human beings who yearn to care and share.

The GoBidud Team

Main Office

Rav Yitzchok Berkovits

Rabbinic Authority

Rabbi Yosef Y. Ettlinger


Rabbi Dan Roth

Strategic Development

Meir Roth

Website Development

Mrs. Yael Knochen

Graphic Design

Mrs. Denah Stilerman


Community Coordinators

Mrs. Yitti Slansky

Maalot Dafna/Machal

Mrs. Shira Bergman


R. Eli Rubenstein & Mrs. Sylvia Faham

Ramat Eshkol

Mrs. Sylvia Faham

Givat HaMivtar

Mrs. Esti Salomon

Givat Zeev

Mrs. Yael Pines

Sanhedria Murchevet

Mrs. Esther Hertz


Mrs. Gail Singer


Mrs. Miriam Haller


Mrs. Channa Baskin


Mrs. Techiya Sanders

Har Nof

Mrs. Avigail Schustal

Ramat Shlomo

Mr. Shimmy Weiss

Ramat Beit Shemesh

Seeking Coordinator


Mrs. Shani Drelich

Old City - Yerushalayim

Rabbi Zach Stern

French Hill

Rabbi Zach Stern

Maale Adumim

Ms. Aiden Wasserman

Rechavia - Sha'arei Chessed

Mrs. Chani Minkus

Neve Yaakov

Maya Teller

Givat Shmuel

Mrs. Yehudis Moscovich

Kiryat Sefer

Rabbi Ethan Katz


Mr. Eli Frohlinger


Seeking Coordinator



Mrs. Shoshana Malka Lamm

Project Coordinator

Mrs. Devorah Abrahamson

Marketing Expert

Mrs. Rachel Rosner

Bidud B'Yachad Children's Programming

BidudBuddies Community Coordinators

Mrs. Tova Leon

Givat Hamivtar

Mrs. Aviva Niman

Sanhedria Murchevet

Mrs. Ariella Schiller

Maalot Dafna

Mrs. Aliza Yocheved Raymon


Ora Chelst

Givat Zeev

Mrs. Rafaella Levine


Your Name

Your Community

Mrs. Blima Spetner


Your Name

Kiryat Sefer


Mrs. Devorah Abrahamson


Mrs. Rachella Friedman


Sho-for-U Community Coordinators

Rabbi Zach Stern

French Hill

Mrs. Heather Burton

Har Nof

Mints for Moms: A Small Treat for Mothers with children in Bidud 

Mrs. Faigie Ettlinger

Mrs. Chaya Leah Hartstein

N'shei Maalot Dafna

Mrs. Sheva Resnick

Mrs. Rena Coren

Confidential Emotional Support Line

Mrs. Esti Baron M.Sc

Refuah Bekarov – Medicine on the Move 

Mrs. Esther Hertz


Rabbi Meir Shabsi Schreiber

Sanhedria Murchevet

Your Name


Woman to Woman 

Mrs. Chana Baskin


Mrs. Brocho Klein

Sanhedria Murchevet

Mrs. Julie Devora Brown


Your Name

Your Community

Mrs. Ashira Stern

French Hill

Your Name

Your Community

GoBidud for the Special Child

Mrs. Ashira Stern

Practical Guidance

GoBidud for Sems Team

Mrs. Avigail Schustal

First Response

Mrs. Rachel Rosner

Program Advisor

Mrs. Shelly Blau

School Psychologist

Ms. Racheli Blau


Ms. Ahuva Sinowitz


Mrs. Nechama Resnick

Program Advisor

Ms. Bassy Resnick

Program Developer

Social Media Team

Rachel Gelbtuch

Marketing Expert

Adi Black

Marketing Expert

Flora Shemtob

Social Media Team

Rachel Kasztl

Social Media Team

Jacob Nemeth

Blogger for Times of Israel


On Friday, June 5th, 2020, Rav Berkovits issues a double clarion call: First, for those in quarantine to adhere to their duty to join in saving lives and second, for their friends and neighbors to come to their aid to care for their chores and support their efforts in their time of need while in solitude.

He spoke to his Sanhedria Murchevet Community.

June 7th – R Tzvi Silverman asks for a volunteer from the community to enlist volunteers to reach out to the needy.

Rabbi Yosef Y. Ettlinger, teacher in Aish HaTorah, founder of projectfellow.com and aiminspired.com agrees to assume the responsibility. But he wants even more than what was initially proposed. In addition to designing online submission forms to get help and volunteers, with a simple google site, he creates a wide-ranging portal to streamline a plethora of valuable beneficial information necessary for the community to safely navigate through this challenging era.

Adam Teitelbaum offers valuable information. Rabbi Ettlinger pairs volunteers with families in need. Rabbi Ettlinger’s wife’s support is the backbone of the simple movement to generate kindness and save lives.

By June 8th, numerous families are helping each other. There is an electrifying and heartwarming mood amidst the chaos. The pulsating human desire to share, once again beheld a new dawn.

The system worked.

June 14th – Rabbi Ettlinger reaches out to outlying communities to spread the model. He wants to create a versatile design that communities worldwide could use. www.gobidud.com is born. His vision is to facilitate communities across the globe in tailor-making for them a suitable platform to generate kindness; to permeate “or infect” our shared atmosphere with simple vibrant heart-to-heart kindness and brotherhood. Simply put; to inspire everyone’s innate yearning to share, and spark a worldwide kindness revolution.

Within hours, Rabbi Dan Roth, founder of Torah Live, a close student of Rav Berkovits and a longtime friend of Rabbi Ettlinger enthusiastically offers his help.

By midday, Rabbi Roth enlists his professional staff, including Mrs. Yael Knochen and Meir Roth, to create a state of the art platform and media kit to spread the word. The acclaimed Mrs. Denah Stilerman joins the PR force.

June 16th – Rav Berkovits and some faithful disciples decide there is a need for a discreet system to care for the family purity issues of the quarantined and families with limited mobility. The Rav calls on them to synergize with GoBidud. GoBidud Beiso Bekarov Service is born.

June 20th – GoBidud partners with levnossontzvi.com to enhance Beiso Bekarov’s services to provide discreet delivery of free family purity kits.

June 21st – various Community Coordinators join the cause.

June 22nd – the state of the art www.gobidud.com site goes live.

June 25th – GoBidud welcomes on board Mrs. Shoshana Lamm’s BidudBuddies: a noble and heartwarming initiative to provide children with a touch of love. GoBidudBuddies takes off!

June 29th – GoBidud Hotline goes live: 02.372.1175 | US 929.254.0081

July 2ndGoBidud Refuah Bekarov – Medicine on the Move – with relatively swift delivery to those in quarantine – launches in Sanhedria Murchevet

July 3rd – Refuah Bekarov Ramot forms.

July 5th – Beiso Bekarov Maalot Dafna/Arzei Habira begins to take form.

July 5th – GoBidud launches in the Maalot Dafna/Machal communities.

July 5th – In response to mounting observed crises, GoBidud creates and calls on the public to empower 6 vital Social Service Funds including GoBidud’s

  • Rent Relief Fund
  • New Mothers Fund
  • Children’s Care Package Fund
  • Student Support Fund
  • Food Fund
  • GoBidud Infrastructure Fund

July 6th – Romema and Givat Zeev Community Coordinators join task force.

July 6th – GoBidud’s BidudBuddies launches an amazing interactive initiative for children at home, featuring daily interactive challenges, called BidudBeyachad spearheaded by Mrs. Rachel Rosner.

July 8th – GoBidud is interviewed by the Jerusalem Post regarding our vision to spread kindness, brotherhood, and unity throughout the world.

July 8th – Sanhedria Coordinator joins task force.

July 9th – Beitar Coordinator assumes responsibility.

July 12   Har Nof and Sorotzkin communities join. Sorotzkin Coordinator assumes responsibility.

July 12 –  Beitar’s Woman to Woman team begins providing service.

July 14 –  Ramat Shlomo Coordinator Mrs. Avigail Schustal joins the force.

July 14 – Woman to Woman expands services in Sorotzkin.

July 14 – Mrs. Hartstein, a bidud survivor herself helps form Mints for Moms – GoBidud’s Free Care Packages for Mom’s with kids in Bidud! Wow!

July 15 – 80 children in Carmei Tzur sent into quarantine – grade 1-4, GoBidud Bidudbuddies reaches out and begins arrangements for sending 80 childrens packages and Mints for Moms packages.

July 15, 16 – Givat Zeev Coordinators take proactive approach to reach out to multiple classes of children sent to quarantine, send nearly 100 kids care packages.

July 16 – Beitar has sent over 40 children’s packages this week.

July 17Awesome article in Jerusalem Post promotes GoBidud

July 17 – Fridays can get very busy for GoBidud volunteers when people suddenly discover they need to quarantine and need help preparing for Shabbos.

July 19 – GoBidud proudly welcomes Mrs. Shani Drelich Old City of Yerushalayim Community Coordinator.

July 19 – Ramot welcomes its own BidudBuddies coordinator

July 19 – Hundreds of children care packages being sent across Yerushalyim, Givat Zeev, and Beitar.

July 20 – nearly 80 childrens care packages and nearly 60 Mints for Moms care packages sent to Maale Hazeitim and the Old City of Yerushalayim.

July 21 – 80 childrens packages and 65 Mints for Moms sent to Karmei Tzur

July 21 – GoBidud Confidential Emotional Support Line with certified therapists opens

July 22 – I 24 News Live Interview with GoBidud

July 23 – Aug 1 – Hundreds of care packages across the country being arranged.

July 28-31 – Volunteers from Tel Aviv join force.

July 29- July 31Subsidized Catered Shabbat Meals Program launched for quarantined and struggling families.

Aug. 2Subsidized GoBidud Catered Lunch Program begins.

Aug. 3 – Maale Adumim and French Hill receive community coordinator.

Aug 3 – Arrangements for 300 kids packages and 100 mother packages to be sent to Achi Semech. Distributed by Leyadach

Aug 3 –  High Level meetings to launch Charidy campaign to raise an initial $360, 000 to meet GoBidud’s growing demands.

Aug. 12 – GoBidud is introduced to Health Coordinators in Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh, Maale Adumim, and Mevaseret Tzion Municipalities.

Aug 13 – GoBidud is introduced to Jerusalem Community Center Emergency Coordinators

Aug 17 – Since June 7th, GoBidud helped 3500 people and sent 1550 children care packages.

Aug. 18 – Since Aug. 2 GoBidud delivered 1100 prepared meals! GoBidud is proud of their Team of 40 coordinators and 200 volunteers.

Aug 20 – GoBidud partners with Kedma to engage 200 incoming seminary students in volunteerism and activism for GoBidud.

Aug 22Rechavia – Sha’arei Chessed Coordinator Aiden Wasserman joins GoBidud task force.

Aug 24 – Neve Yaakov Coordinator Mrs. Chani Minkus joins GoBidud task force

Aug 25 – New Olim begin to use GoBidud’s newest program Go’Oleh! to assist New Olim with their imminent needs upon arrival – in the Corona Age

Aug 26 – GoBidud begins servicing Kiryat Sefer and Givat Shmuel

Aug 27 – Subsidized meals begins in Neve Yaakov

Aug 27 – Bedek Habayis and Bidudbuddies care package drop-off center in Kiryat Sefer established.

Aug 29 – Maya Teller assumes coordinator responsibility for Givat Shmuel

Aug 30 – Mrs. Yehudis Moscovich assumes responsibility-in-part for Kiryat Sefer

Sept 1 – Go Oleh, helping New Olim is gaining traction. Begin working with government agencies to advocate for assistance for Olim

Sept. 1Kedma sends out first social media blast promoting our GoBidud partnership

Sept 1 – The GoBidud Social Media Team forms

Sept 2 – GoBidud’s Go Oleh! opens working channel with Nefesh BNefesh to help New Olim

Sept 2 – Go Oleh! begins helping French Olim

Sept 2 – Rav Feigenbaum assumes Rabbinic responsibility for Kiryat Sefer Beiso Bekarov Family Purity Chapter

Sept 2 – R Ethan Katz becomes Katmonim Coordinator

Sept. 2 – Mrs. Techiya Sanders assumes  Har Nof Coordinator responsibilities

Sept. 7Sharfman’s Bnot Torah partners with GoBidud. Bnot Torah Chessed 5781 will be spent volunteering for GoBidud.

Sept. 7 – GoBidud launches Sho-for-U Global Shofar Volunteering for the Homebound. Email Campaign sent

Sept. 8 – Featured on Matzav.com GoBidud Sho-for-U begins servicing Boro Park and Flatbush

Sept. 8Meorot Yerushalayim Seminary Partners with GoBidud. Chessed 5781 with GoBidud here we come!

Sept. 8 – Rosh Hashana Subsidized Catered Meals Blitz launches


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