May 27, 2024


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GoBidud programs are growing in scope while spreading to new communities daily.

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GoBidud Infrastructure

GoBidud services are constantly growing and spreading. Your generous participation in our chesed community gives us the ability to be more effective and responsive to the myriad needs of our communities.

Children’s Care Package

Quarantined children are traumatized. GoBidud Buddies care packages give them and their siblings the touch of love they need and deserve.

Rent Relief Fund

Help your neighbor cover his/her rent. So many of your friends and relatives are out of a job now.

New Mothers Fund

Giving birth without the usual household help available can compound a new mother’s emotional health. With ingenuity, our New Mothers Fund provides the resources to help her cope.

Student Support Fund

Due to months out of school, many students are falling behind. Our Student Support Fund helps parents, who are struggling financially, give their children what they need to succeed.

Seudas Shabbos Fund

Families with Covid-19 are struggling to put Shabbos on the table. Invite them inside your heart and help provide them with tasty and well-balanced  Shabbos Seudos.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Dedicate a community

Corporate Sponsorship
$1,000 × 12

1 Week of Help for A New Mother During Corona

Emotional Support Line Service for 1 Family
Toys and Treats for 100 Children
Family in Bidud for a Week
Sponsor Your Favorite Volunteer

A Day of GoBidud Prepared Meals

Express Medicine Order & Delivery For the Elderly or Homebound

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GoBidud is a project of The Ner Gavriel Fund
2312 Forest Circle Toms River, NJ 08755

Contributions are 501(c)3 Tax Deductible. Tax ID#: 84-5138602

You will be redirected to  The Ner Gavriel Fund secure donation page, You must specify in the comments field “For GoBidud”.

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