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Fire Response

Last updated: November 27, 2020
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A massive blaze broke out in the early hours of Tuesday morning Nov.23rd in the Unsdorf neighborhood of Jerusalem, trapping many families in at least six buildings due to the fire and heavy smoke, with rescue services spending hours rescuing families with babies, small children and the elderly.

Fire damage on Sorotzkin street

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GoBidud is here to Help…Our extensive network of volunteers are here to assist you and/or your families in relieving some of your stress and provide for your needs as you weather this storm.

At the same time we appeal to all who can, to join our mobilization efforts and share what you can with these traumatized families devastated by their losses and uncertain futures.

We are facilitating first response help, tlc, shabbos and weekday food and anything you can offer to lift the spirits of nearly 100 families.

Drop-off Locations for material donations including food, clothing, books, toys, care packages.


  • Ramat Eshkol 46/14 Shderut Eshkol
  • Sanhedria Murchevet: 138/36 B
  • Ramot:Tzondak 129/5.


To Volunteer, Donate Goods, or request Help for you or a friend
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The Community Rabbanim have set up a campaign to help with structural damage
You can support them directly here: https://thechesedfund.com/avigayillazar/fireonsorotzkinplease-help/