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Go-Idud: לעודד Assisting Israel’s Anglos

As generations before them; Anglos in Eretz Yisrael are making a monumental sacrifice for yishuv ha’aretz and to absorb the holiness therein.

Life far away from family and their natural emotional support system coupled with scanty income and high living costs create indescribable personal and family challenges as they navigate life & its vicissitudes in a foreign society alone.

Go-Idud, born out of GoBidud has become a family for thousands in Israel.

We provide real and holistic solutions for Real problems suffered by Real people. We need you to Really open your hearts and hands and contribute in a Real Way to make a Real difference in the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of Real children of Real families.

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Our Mission
  1. To be the loving “extended family” that Israel’s Anglo families – here on their own – can turn to for support, helping them thrive as happy, productive members of society. 

  2. To ease the strains that Anglo families carry alone, reducing tension and fostering the growth of happy family relationships.

  3. To spread unconditional love throughout society at-large.

Our Strategy


  1. Sponsor initiatives that ease the stress of daily living for Anglo families, promoting peace and harmony in their homes.

  2. Initiate programs and events for children and teens, building their emotional world by providing excitement and unconditional love – and through this, facilitating their development of ahavas Hashem.

  3. Build frameworks through which community members can give each other the help they need, developing relationships and empowering their own growth in the process.


Why is this Necessary?

Six thousand miles away from parents and relatives, it’s hard for busy Anglos in Israel to get a break. Life with a large family, busy schedule, and tight budget can be stressful – especially when some kind of challenge (large or small) is thrown into the mix.

Interacting with families through our Corona support programs, we saw many of them buckling under burdens that are impossible to carry alone without a severe toll on the happiness in their homes.

Couples lack stress-free time to bond, and their marriages suffer. It’s hard for stretched-thin parents to create the joyful and loving home atmosphere so vital for raising spiritually and emotionally healthy children.

GoIdud is here to be the support system that Anglos can fall back on when they can’t manage on their own. Our services are From free supper on a hard day, to a chance to spend alone-time as a couple, to subsidized goodies for Shabbos, we want everyone in the Anglo community to have access to support that can make their lives – dedicated to living  in Eretz Yisrael – easier and happier.

Shabbos Sponsorship Opportunities
Please join GoBidud as we continue to unite & imbue our Shabbos homes with Ahava, Simcha, Menucha and Shalom. Let’s all be Mekabel Shabbos Together by Sponsoring our Youth Programs, Subsidized Challa Sales, Shabbos for A Fellow Family who could use some Menucha


I. Friendship Freezers

When families struggle, having supper delivered free can do so much to ease stress and raise spirits. NINE Friendship Freezers operate in the greater RE/SM area to provide hundreds of mouths a month with homemade, wholesome meals – and tens of busy parents with a much-needed break. The knowledge that there’s a caring “extended family” ready to help them out in this way has become a powerful coping tool for many in the community, whether they’re dealing with crisis or ongoing stress.

IMG 0699

Yummy meals. Break for Mom

Our goals:

-To set up a system which makes this support accessible to every family, reminding them that they’re not alone

-To spread this model to every Anglo community in Israel

To request or donate food click Here

II. Couple Retreat Spot

Couple Retreat Spots:

We coordinate with home owners to make their vacation homes available for a few hours at a time. Couples can take this relaxing opportunity to talk or play a game together and recharge – free of charge! Food, babysitting and other expenses are on us.
Our goal: to spread this phenomenon across Israel.

To share your home as a retreat spot, or to request a retreat click here

Please sponsor a couple’s Shalom Bayis for $200

III. Youth Groups

Youth Groups:

In our weekly youth groups, over 150 kids per community (elementary to post highschool) enjoy wholesome fun. Our carefully planned entertainment — activities, trips, music therapy, developmental and educational games — are focused on developing their emotional world. The programs are designed to help kids and teens strengthen interpersonal relationships, cultivate self-worth and nurture an appreciation for life. They learn to cherish Shabbos. By filling their lives with extra love, we give them the tools to build up simchas hachayim and ahavas Hashem.

Our Goal: to expand on this model for boys and girls in Anglo communities throughout Israel.

Please Sponsor a community’s Shabbos activities for 700 NIS ($250)

IV. Subsidized Vacations

So many Anglo families need a good healthy vacation and cannot afford to do so. So many Anglo families are living “alone.”

Securing a 20,000 NIS grant, GoBidud sent 15 families away together for a rejuvenating wholesome and refreshing vacation. The comradery generated and the recharged family batteries will go a long way.


Our Goal: To offer more and more of such programs

V. Teen Chessed Clubs/Cook off Marathons

American Israeli High School girls use their enthusiasm and skill, during fun-filled night activities to cook and bake a storm to fill our Friendship Freezers with scrumptious food and warm love.

GoBidud Special Children

The enthusiastic involvement develops the Teens emotional world, personal responsibility, responsibility towards community, self-worth, and fosters the development of relationships between Teenagers and host-families.


20211125 105558

Fresh Scrumptious schnitzel cooked by our Teens


Our Goal: To spread the model throughout every Anglo Community in Israel

VI. Yeshiva Chessed Initiatives

Harnessing the enthusiasm, creativity and mobility of American Israeli High School girls as well as American Yeshiva boys, chessed groups including tens of Teens are up and running – cooking for the freezers (girls) and weekly erev shabbos household assistance (boys) – to ease the exploding stress on Anglo families in Israel.

The enthusiastic involvement develops the Teens emotional world, personal responsibility, responsibility towards community, self-worth, and fosters the development of relationships between Teenagers and families.


Our Goal: To spread the model throughout every American Yeshiva in Israel

VII. Crisis Response Division

GoBidud takes on special projects; when families encounter crisis.

When Anglo families encounter crisis, GoBidud becomes their family.


Our Goal: The amount of families and degree that we can assist depends upon you.

VIII. Subsidized Challa & Shabbos Cake Distribution

Joining forces with Keren Hashabbos’ thirty distribution centers, with a focus on easing the Erev Shabbos tension and promoting simcha in the home, GoBidud makes Challa available for 2.5 NIS to needy Anglo communities in EY.

Click Here to see our special offers

Please sponsor a week

IX. Sponsor - A - Family for Shabbos

Send an Anglo Family the Menuchas Hanefesh of a much needed Ready Made Shabbos and fill their home with Simcha and Shalom

GoBidud Shabbos Sponsorship Opportunities for the Greater S/SM/RE Neighborhoods – Google Sheets

X. Child Terror Response

In times of mass casualty trauma G-d forbid, we offer emotional support to children.


XI. Special Projects

Hundreds of care packages to traumatized children in war-torn Israeli Cities this year.

Hundreds of care packages to traumatized children from mass casualties this year.

Healing and Uniting through Music

Eitan Katz 300x250 1


Trauma coping webinars and seminars during the past traumatic year of 2020 & 2021

Hundreds of free catered meals distributed in downtown Tel Aviv to spread unconditional love in response to enemy rocket-fire


Response to Extreme Taxation

phonto 2

phonto 1
Donate $100 for a chance to win $100,000 + 10 additional Prizes!

Heart to Heart Meetings

Chanuka Visit to Zikim Army Base   Hospital Visit to Chayelet Talya whom we saved her life Visit to Darchei Avot Shabbaton of 100 soldiers in Maalot Dafna to express our gratitude for their self-sacrifice....

Promotional Emails

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Video Messages

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