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Kollel Nafsheinu

Last updated: February 15, 2023
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Kollel Nafsheinu

Baalei Teshuva leave everything behind; making a tough journey to embrace Yiddishkeit.

The Yeshivos they choose; work intensely on giving them the learning skills they need to persevere.

Years of Experience has shown though; that a one-on-one relationship with a geshmake; toradike yungerman and his family exposes them to an unmatched degree of real-life yiddishkeit. They learn how to live and run a family like a yid.

The yungerman begins learning daily with the mevakesh Hashem and then shortly thereafter; the mevakesh becomes part of the “family.”

Let’s remember; 80% of American Jewry has yet to taste the sweetness of yiddishkeit! The achrayus is ours!

Fund a yungerman for $350 a month and build future doros of erliche yiddeshe kinderlach.

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Kollel Nafsheinu | The Chesed Fund