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Life Saver

Last updated: January 5, 2024
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Chesed Saves Lives

by Rabbi Yosef Ettlinger

While delivering a taxi full of scrumptious homemade Shabbos food and notes laden with love, devotedly prepared by our Ramat Eshkol volunteers, to the valiant women, the wives of our brave reservists; our driver saved a soldier’s life.

Shabbos Boxes from RE to Kfar Eldad Vayechi which saved the Chayelets lifeOn Thursday night, December 28th, 2023, at the Mazmuria checkpoint, situated near the southern Jerusalem neighborhood of Har Choma, a terrorist ruthlessly stabbed a female border patrol officer in her back and head with a huge knife and then proceeded to stab a second victim in the hand.

Our driver saw this barbarism unfold in front of his car. With full composure, he bravely ran out of the car towards the injured female officer. He stopped her bleeding and held her for seven minutes until medics arrived at the scene. Our brave driver saved the officer’s life!

The food that was lovingly prepared by the GoBidud/GoChesed Ramat Eshkol chapter for the wives in Kfar Eldad, saved the life of a chayelet on duty!

Never underestimate the power of a pure chesed! Chesed creates a reality of life protection!

On Monday January 2nd, I merited to visit her in Shaarei Zedek Medical Center. It was truly an emotional experience.

Her bitachon, seriousness of her tefillos and personal resolve of mission are all so awe-inspiring.  Let’s all pray for the speedy recovery of our chayelet – Talyah bas Devora!

But perhaps we can take this a step further. Tefilla, prayer while doing a mitzva is so powerful. Imagine if we would daven, pray while we were preparing the food each week…Imagine how many lives we could save!!!


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