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Carrying the emotional burden, feeling the pain and suffering of the other person alleviates part of their suffering…So many in quarantine…Its no picnic…speak to people in bidud… especially with kids…Thank G-d we have our GoBidud…Its such a beautiful thing…Help lighten the burden, feel for them…anything you can do to help them…any original ideas you can add to GoBidud..anything else that can really make a difference…you have to feel for them…

Rav Yitzchok Berkovits

Rabbinic Authority

In the Press

Sho-for-U Global Safe Volunteer Shofar Blowing for the Home-Bound

An organization is offering to provide free Shofar-blowing services to anyone who is homebound and unable to go to shul.

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The Times of Israel

GoBidud shines brightness on those who need it most

“Kindness is more contagious than Covid; it transcends social distancing.” Says Rabbi Ettlinger who just this week – within hours – helped furnish an apartment for someone making Aliyah who otherwise would not have a bed, refrigerator and other necessities for two weeks until quarantine ended.

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The Jerusalem Post

GoBidud: A kindness revolution helping those in quarantine.

Services offered include running errands, taking out people’s garbage, doing their shopping, delivering care packages to children.

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Israeli Start Up for Quarantine Kindness

A community service helps families in quarantine, including running errands, taking out garbage, doing shopping and delivering care packages to children.

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GoBidud Featured on TV

Yosef Y. Ettlinger Joins i24news


I can’t imagine anyone who knows of GoBidud who would not yearn to get involved and support their common efforts with a full heart and significant resources to fight Covid with contagious kindness and rediscover our true essence through this pandemic.
Get involved…Get Help… GoBidud

Hi Esti! Just wanted to thank you so much for the care packages. Shimon Yitzchok and Devorah really enjoyed them! I was so impressed that each pkg was really personalized for each child. You really put so much loving care into them — thank you!!
Tizki Lamitzvos

My kids got one of these packages each when we started our bidud (only one week to go!) and they really loved them. It’s amazing how much entertainment can be had from a shekel toy. They felt special to be getting something and to know that someone cared that they were stuck at home for 2 weeks.

Thanks to everyone at Gobidud for making isolation a little less lonely.


The packages were amazing! Thank you so much! Each kid was thrilled and felt so good. And we love the game. We’re so touched by the kindness and generosity. Thank you!!!!

R.L. Yerushalayim

I really appreciate the call and encouragement I got today. Makes things easier. I could still use the encouragement. My life got rough recently…

Thank you! My kids were so bored and were literally following me around the kitchen in circles.
When they got their packages they were so excited and it totally broke the momentum. They sat down first just to enjoy and savor it and it kept them busy for some time. My eight year old came to me after and said ‘This was the BEST Friday we ever got! And all because of the packages.
And the muffin too was delicious! I think it was the first thing I ate that day, thank you!


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