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Medical Information

Last updated: August 26, 2020
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Refuah Bekarov – Medicine on the Move: A Project of GoBidud

For more information head over to the Refuah Bekarov page.

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Medicine Access Information

How to help a patient who is in bidud at home  get their medications:

Note: Unfortunately, to date; not all Insurance Companies have made available a safe way for Corona patients to access their medicine; as some still require handling of cards and money between patient and volunteer which is prohibited and can be potentially life-threatening. 


  • The patient needs to get a digital prescription from his or her doctor and ask for the medication to be  delivered by:
  1. Calling the clinic and ask for a prescription from his or her doctor and asking for the medication to be  delivered.
  2. Making  an online  appointment and requesting the prescription from the doctor and asking for it to be delivered.
  3. Making a request online or via the phone App.
  • The Kupah pharmacy should arrange to deliver the medication to the person’s house at no cost.


  • In Jerusalem, the patient needs to order their prescription online or by calling their doctor. The prescription is then put into the digital system.
  • The patient can then print it out if they have internet access and a printer.
  • A volunteer can come with the patients’ Maccabi card to a Maccabi pharmacy and this card will be considered ‘power of attorney’. (problem!)
  •  If there is a printed prescription then bring that too. If the prescription is online then it is sufficient to just bring the card as they will be able to see the prescription on line.
  • If the patient has a standing order to pay then the fee will be deducted online. If not, then the volunteer will need to bring payment.

Period Prevention Medicine

Important: Women in bidud may not go to the mikvah. Period prevention medication needs a prescription which can be gotten through your doctor.

משרד הדתות בהוראה חד משמעית למועצות הדתיות ברחבי הארץ: איסור מוחלט של טבילת גברים ונשים שנמצאים בבידוד ביתי, בשל החשש מהתפשטות נגיף הקורונה.

Medicine can be ordered online from Superfarm. They can use all kupah prescriptions if you have online access.

Meuchedet Pharmacies

They will deliver to those over 65, who are physically (and currently) sick or are in official quarantine. This seems to exclude someone who is, for example, 40 with a lung condition. The Paran one was delivering.

Medi Plus Pharmacy at Bar Ilan + Shmuel HaNavi

We have spoken to this pharmacy on the phone to ask about payment.  They have told us that the best way is to simply bring the client’s credit card information. They will process it without any physical card being necessary for pick-up.

  1. You need to clarify with the client if the item is over the counter or needs a prescription.
  2. If a patient needs a prescription, it needs to be a digital prescription (most prescriptions are this now) which means when the ID number is put into the pharmacist’s computer, the prescription comes up.

Here we need to have the client’s ID # (which means the Teudat Zehut or the equivalent for non-citizens: their kupat cholim number) and the Ishur Zmani (which he/she can get from *9727).



Here is a link for many pharmacies’ contact information:

We did not check with each one to ascertain their ordering policies.