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Nature & Survival Skills Chug

Last updated: August 6, 2021
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New Amazing Boys Chug w/ the

One & Only Rebbi Sahar 

(beloved rebbi at Chofetz Chaim & Knesses Yehuda chadorim)

for 7th & 8th grade boys


Have you always wanted your son to build his inner joy, self-esteem, self-confidence, and sensitivity to others?

Do you want your son to learn to appreciate his surroundings, Hashem’s nature, his family and friends?

Do you want your son to love life and Hashem?

Do you want your son to learn survival skills?


Then Rebbe Sahar is waiting for your son to join him on an incredible journey!



We endeavor to open two cohesive groups of 20-25 boys

Sign up here if you are interested…

(please note…you will receive a confirmation upon acceptance to the program)

100 NIS for ALL 10 sessions

Two groups will be opening, on Monday or Thursday evening…

Limited spaces available…


A GoBidud/Go-Idud Project


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