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Last updated: August 26, 2020

Confidential Emotional Support Line: A Special Project of GoBidud

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kavlnoar.org (Rav Leff is on the Rabbinical Advisory Board)
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Amudim Support Line – Do you need support? A listening ear? Professional guidance? Amudim Israel’s anonymous, free English-speaking support line is available to those living in Israel currently facing mental health challenges as a result of COVID-19. Speak to a mental health professional today by calling 02-374-0222, Sunday-Thursday, 11am-11pm




Post Partum Depression, Mothers with Depression


Nitza: Helping Mothers Saving Families



Kedushas Habayis Issues


Torat Habayit (Endorsed by Rav Ganz)

torathabayit.com (They may take a few days to respond)


Tahareinu (Rabbi Bartfeld, a talmid of Rav Berkovits)




משרד הדתות בהוראה חד משמעית למועצות הדתיות ברחבי הארץ: איסור מוחלט של טבילת גברים ונשים שנמצאים בבידוד ביתי, בשל החשש מהתפשטות נגיף הקורונה.

As per Sanhedria Murchevet’s English Speaking Balanit, Mrs. Biton:



  • A woman must come to the mikvah after preparations at home.
  • She should spend the least time possible at the mikvah.
  • For some mikvahs, an appointment is required.
  • Entrance is permitted only with a mask.
  • It is highly recommended bringing your own towel and slippers.


  • It is forbidden to come to the mikvah with a temperature above 38 C.

Woman in Bidud

  • A woman in bidud is forbidden to come to the mikvah; whether in bidud because of a known exposure or because she arrived from abroad.
  • A woman in bidud because of a known exposure counts her 14 days from the date of known exposure.

Rules for Attendants

  • Mikvah attendants must be present with masks, gloves, alcohol, etc.
  • Attendants must take care to wash surfaces after each woman.
  • It is imperative for attendants to check mikvah water at least 3 times during the same evening regarding the chlorine level.
  • The mikvah water will be changed by the balan as needed.

Woman with a Family Member in Bidud

  • A woman who is not in bidud but has a family member who is, should come later in the evening and should be one of the last ones to toivel.


After finishing bidud, contact Mrs. Biton for updated guidelines at 02-540-0782.