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Program Registration Drive August 8-15th 2021

Last updated: August 12, 2021
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Registration is in full swing.
We need you to register BY SUNDAY AUGUST 15th so that we can lobby for appropriate funding!
To register for present &/or future programming please fill out the form below. 
If you don’t see a program for your child’s age group please let us know that you are interested so we can try to develop that bezH

Q. Why Register?

A. GoBidud is consistently implementing many vital programs to benefit the anglo community at large. Programs though, are expensive to run.

BH we have 100+ attendees at our present programming. Funding will enable us to continue and grow stronger.

The local government nominated GoBidud to represent the anglo community and lobby for subsidies. Additionally, we could have access to other sources of funding.  Such funding however, is per capita and must be proven.

(This past week’s highly subsidized retreat for 13 families was a successful case-in-point).



So, in order for us to begin the application process, we must have a list of everyone who is participating in any of the programs.

The government will not consider subsidizing programs without verification of who and how many attend.

For all existing programs, we are submitting the information on AUG 16th.

Please, Please fill out the form. Filling out this form, will directly benefit your children as well as the greater anglo community.


We look forward to being able to service you and advocate appropriately on your behalf.

Thank you.


Community Programming Sign Up
Please fill out separate form for every child
Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.