May 27, 2024


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As this year; performing the Purim mitzvos may be challenging for many; GoBidud is facilitating your performance to the best of our ability. Please take advantage of our services & visit us often to discover updates and new initiatives.

Attaining Simcha: 3 Part Zoom Series for Women

 With Speaker & Family Therapist

Mrs. Chanee Litwin

From Stress to Serenity

מוצאי שבת שקלים – ב’ אדר

8:45 – 9:25 PM


 A practical approach for a calmer family environment 

מוצאי שבת זכור – ט’ אדר

8:45 – 9:25 PM

Access your inner resilience

מוצאי שבת פרה – כ”ג אדר 

9:00 – 9:40 PM



Shiur 1 Recording

Shiur 2 Recording

Shiur 3 Recording
About Chanee
Chanee Litwin is a Psychotherapist specialising in PTSD and family dynamics with over 18 years of experience.  She grew up in Brooklyn NY and has been living in Eretz Yisroel for 23 years. She lives in Sanhedria Murchevet with her husband and 8 children. Chanee is a dynamic speaker and educator.  She has personally trained under the tutelage of Rabbi Shaya Ostrov , famed author of the book The Menucha Principle.
We hope you’ll join us for this transformation.
The Series
In this three part series Chanee will be sharing with us insights in how to navigate these challenging times.
The goal is for people to be able to come back to themselves.
We will learn how to get back to our home base, to the centeredness within ourselves, to effectively realign our marital and parent/child relationships for tranquility and family harmony.
Methods will be taught based on a Torah approach while incorporating therapeutic psychological techniques like grounding, meditation and breaking out of the cycle of obsessive thinking.
We need tools for our thoughts, our feelings, our physiology and our behavior and relationships.  These are the areas where we experience ourselves as human beings.
When we are disconnected from who we really are it causes us to lose clarity and act without intention. We come to the point where we feel we are not able to choose anymore.

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Join us for a Stress-Free GoBidud Catered  Corona-Safe Community-Wide Seudas Purim! Just order your food to your home, or to the home of a fellow Jew. Exciting Details to follow.