July 24, 2024


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Covid is bringing a challenging year for Seminaries and Yeshivas in Israel.

GoBidud provides these amazing services.


Crisis Prevention & Management

GoBidud tailors a responsible and comprehensive crisis-management plan to best suit the physical, psychological, and spiritual welfare of the particular students and staff.

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For GoBidud for Sems Exciting Activity Guide for Girls in Bidud click Here

We also suggest pre-crisis psychological training by Rachel Ackerman for school staff to empower them with the capacity to minimize anxiety levels.


Corona Short-term & long term effects: Information for Policy Makers.

Hashem has blessed us with the zechus of making decisions for the lives of many people around us.

GoBidud provides information about the short-term and long term effects of corona vital for responsible decision making.

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Chesed Projects

GoBidud assists seminaries and Yeshivas in developing safe and appropriate Chesed opportunities; taking advantage of the challenges involved with the traditional Seminary Chesed model.

To date, the following Seminaries and Yeshivas partnered with GoBidud on Chesed initiatives.