June 20, 2024


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Bnos Ahava Senior Division for Teens: C.A.T.S {Corona-Age Teens}

Welcome to GoBidud’s Exciting Bnos Community “בנות אהבה” where we will connect in fun and positive ways! Here’s where we’ll grow together as a close-knit family of C.A.T.S or “Corona-Age Teens!”

Purim is coming and we are going to make this Adar into a super-happy month. We’ll connect with old friends. we will make new friends and use our creativity to fill people’s lives with joy.

We’re going to have loads of fun using our talents and “free-time” to do great things for the people around us. It will make us feel so good and connected! We can change the world!

So sign up Here to Join our amazing Corona-Age Teen Community!

Check us out often for exciting new updates….

Click Here to JOIN US in our FIRST ZOOM 5000 HAMANTASCHEN BAKE-A-THON with Aiden Wasserman; a professional baker (and GoBidud Rechavia Coordinator! on WEDNESDAY NIGHT BEFORE PURIM to be distributed to LONELY PEOPLE of your choice!


Aiden's Hamentaschen Recipe

Aiden Wasserman_hamentaschen_recipe

1/3 cup oil
1 cup sugarScreen Shot 2021 02 17 at 14.51.26
1 large egg
1/3 cup orange juice
3 cups flour
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt

(makes about 30 hamentachen)

+Whatever fillings you want. Here are some that i like but feel free to come up with your own. I would love to hear more ideas on the zoom if anyone has 🙂

Apricot jam
Raspberry jam
Chocolate filling
Peanut butter
Lotus filling

More optional add ins:
sprinkles, broken oreos or other cookies, candies, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips…

Taanis Esther Zoom Puppet Making for Juniors 4-9
Screen Shot 2021 02 17 at 14.51.26

Bnos Ahava Juniors: Girls 4 – 9

This Thursday, Taanis Esther at 3:30 PM (Israel time) join us on zoom for a  Purim project. 
We will be learning how to draw characters from the Purim story. 
Supplies needed: 3 sheets of white paper, sharpened pencil, black  marker/pen, crayons/markers, colored pencils. Optional: Scissors, tape,  cardboard box 
Join Zoom Meeting 
https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82945993516?pwd=RHVMMzVDcmlMT1V4UnZs OUlmT0xJUT09 
Meeting ID: 829 4599 3516 
Passcode: esther