July 24, 2024


With the Encouragement of Rav Yitzchok Berkovits

Sukkos is here…but don’t fear! We’ll celebrate these days in special & safe ways.

Whether its Arba Minim to your door nice n’ neat or for when you leave bidud, a sukka built for you to greet. 

and maybe we can dance online with a simchas beis hashoeiva chol hamoed time!

Please turn to Four L’ Door – GoBidud’ll try for sure.


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Be Safe! Be Smart!  Get ready-made-pre-checked ארבע מינים sets delivered straight to your door.


Arba Minim

Brisker VIP Sets by Senior Poskim, Talmidim of Rav Berkovits


If you are used to paying $100 for your Chazon Ish Shapiro Esrog, 200/300 NIS for your Lulav,

100 NIS for Hadassim Meshulashim all the way up – then this VIP hassle-free option prepared by Minyan Avreichim is the way to go.

Delivered directly to your house.

Hand Picked by Expert Talmidim of Rav Yitzchok Berkovits


Total price with Delivery: 700/800 NIS


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High-End Sets by Rav Akiva Homnick, Rebbi Yeshiva Chedvat HaTorah, Chazzan in Minyan Avreichim


Esrogim – Chazon Ish, Neiman (without pitam), Ask for Pitum options.
Lulav – highest standard Deri from kibbutz Tirat Tzvi pre – checked by Badatz Eida Chareidis .
Hadassim – Nov, accurately meshulash, much better than avg. אא
All Minim have been checked by Rav Homnick again.
Price range: 550 – 650 NIS
Includes High Quality Case & Koisheklach
Delivery in Sanhedria – Ramat Eshkol Area only.

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Hand Picked & Personally chosen by Rav Shmuli Mermelstein

Talmid of Rav Berkovits 

Lulavim Kubin

Esrogim Chazon Ish (Lefkowitz)

Haddasim (for sure meshulash Shitos of R Wosner, may be better), aravos

3 Grades 

(I) 420 NIS (II) 320 NIS (III) 220 NIS – Rav Mermelstein’s are generally better than standard grades


(Mention GoBidud and a donation will be given to GoBidud)


Delivery in Yerushalayim, Givat Zeev,

For Deliveries in Beitar, Kiryat Sefer, order before Yom Kippur

Sets include Koisheklach

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Prepared Sets by Morgan’s Minim checked by Rav Meir Sommer, Talmid of Rav Berkovits

Chazon Ish Esrogim – may come from either Viener, Pe’er, Fordenberger, or Shapira, Kubin Lulavim


395 NIS אא

325 NIS א

205 NIS  מהודר

75 NIS כשר לברכה

Morgan sets come with High Quality Bag and Koisheklach

Order through GoBidud and receive a 5% Discount with the GOBIDUD5 coupon available at checkout on www.morgansminim.com )

Delivery available in Yerushalayim and out of Yerushalayim for an additional cost. See www.morgansminim.com

Four L’Door Sukka Builders

Four L’Door Sukka Builders in select communities will build your sukka for you outside your home only which will be waiting for you upon your exit of bidud.
Note: We will not build your Sukka if we need to enter your home.

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