Refuah Bekarov

Refuah Bekarov – Medicine on the Move: A Project of GoBidud


Refuah Bekarov endeavors to partner with existing local medicine Gmachs to provide quarantined with fairly quick access to medicine delivered to their door.

Below is a list of communities, their respective contact information and terms of service. To enlist your community, please contact us.

Click Here for Corona Symptoms (CDC)

call 058.323.8389

Deliveries throughout community once a day. In case of emergency, volunteer will do his utmost to deliver as soon as possible

Volunteer passes the Gmach three times a day. 1) Early Morning 2) Between 1 – 2:30 PM 3) Around 9 PM

Upon culmination of quarantine; you must return the medicine to the local Gmach in 106 Sanhedria Murchevet

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