June 20, 2024


Sho-for-U Global Safe Volunteer Shofar Blowing & Hataras Nedarim for the Home-Bound

Sho for U GoBidud

Shana Tova: Please Note:
GoBidud will endeavor to help as many people as we can help.
Yet, as the numbers of interested parties are enormous, we cannot promise to directly contact each petitioner.
Nor can we promise a shofar blower for each petitioner either.
Instead, please check GoBidud, your inbox if you subscribed to our email list, and hopefully prominent news sites for a list of GoBidud Sho-for-U shofar blowing and projected times near your home.

In addition, any volunteer who G-d forbid, does not feel well on Rosh Hashana, has been instructed not to blow.

So the latest available list is our best attempt towards accurate information.

*The shofar blower will intend to enable anyone who hears his blowing to fulfill the commandment.

We wish every member of our people a healthy, wealthy, and wise sweet new year.

Terms of Blowing:
Sho-for-U is attempting to arrange outdoor blowing shofar service for those who are inside.

We appreciate everyone who pledges to volunteer. We cannot promise that every volunteer will be placed in a position. But we sincerely wish every volunteer a special year of good health for you and all of your loved ones.

Blowing shofar can spread corona.
Do not blow near anyone.
Blow only 30 sounds.

You must take your temperature before Rosh Hashana.
If you feel sick, do not blow.

* The Shofar blower will have in mind to enable anyone who hears his blowing to fulfill the commandment.