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Last updated: January 7, 2021
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Paran St. 15
Order by Phone, Email, or Online!
02 581 6225

Hechsher on Produce: Eida Chareidis

They have an online order form and a place for notes at the bottom. Call first to see if it meets your needs and see what flexibility you can get with determining hechsherim of specific items. {MIR TALMIDIM SEE BELOW FOR SPECIAL DEALS}



Minchas Yitzchak
Order by Phone
02 500 3338

Hechsher on Produce: Eida Chareidis

How to order: Call them with a list of items you want and tell them over the phone. You can give payment details over the phone.


Super Mishloach

Order by Phone or Online
1700 704 804

Hechsher on Produce: Sheiris Yisrael
They claim their products are mehadrin hechsherim but you should call and confirm exactly to see what meets your needs.



Order Online
02 509 1020

Right now they have a special. If you order 300 NIS worth of fruits/veggies from them, you receive a free tray of eggs.

Delivery free with 500 NIS order.
Delivery time as short as 3 hours after you place your order.


Rami Levy

Order Online


The Mechira Shchunatit

Order Online

As of now, they are not delivering. Perhaps an arrangement can be made with a volunteer to pick it up for you, provided that they safely adhere to the appropriate social distancing requirements.


Yesh Lamehadrin

Order Online or Phone
1800 071 300

Delivery Fee: 30 NIS

This is Yesh – online. All fruits and vegetables are Badatz Eida Chareidis. They come the next day – you can request a time of day. The order comes neatly packed.


American Products & Plasticware: A GoBidud Partner

A Proud GoBidud Partner

    • Order online, by phone, or Whatsapp!
      All your plasticware needs as well as your favorite AMERICAN PRODUCTS at the best prices.
      Delivery as quick as 1-2 days
                      058-462-7769 (Phone or Whatsapp)


Mir Talmidim Specials

Local Groceries

When placing your order you should mention “The Mir” to receive the discount. You should include your name, number, and address.


Eshkolet – Ran

Order by Phone, Email, or Online!
052 632 0090

They are offering for everyone making their first order: a free 6 pack of water, a loaf of bread, and 2 bags of milk.


Zol Dafna – Tomer

053 333 4063
They are offering a 7% discount on all orders while in quarantine.

Both stores can arrange to have your order delivered prior to your arrival, as long as you provide the contact info of a neighbor.


Meat, Poultry, and Fresh Fish

Prices, aimed at kollel and large families.

Meat & Poultry: Machpud, She’eris, Rubin, Neuvirt..
Fish: Eida Chareidis

Orders over 500 NIS, free delivery. You pay at the door. Comes a few days after order.



Shuk HaSanhedria

Fruits and Vegetables,

Eida Chareidis. They were taking phone orders, so the client would do this, and we could pick up.  # 02 581 3104.

Free delivery for orders over 150 NIS.


Toiletries By Order

Huggies from Israel can be ordered online in bulk from Amazon. Different sizes have different links.

Computer Needs

TYTECH : for all your computer and tech. needs | 053.316.4037 | speaks English, Hebrew, Yiddish

including: printers, computers, mp3 players, Bluetooth, memory cards, screens, toners, ink, and more…

20% Discount for ordering through

Delivery in Yerushalayim

Treats for Couples

A Special Breakfast for Two from
Using promo code GoBidud2, order for yourselves a fresh breakfast for two delivered to your door the next day and receive a 20NIS discount!

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