February 22, 2024


Six Million Kind Acts International – M.A.S.K.IT

Kindness takes on a life of its own. It Builds. It Unites.
GoBidud: The Covid-Inspired Kindness Kingdom is on a mission.
If one beast can bring 6 million tears, we can bring 6 million smiles.
Every Kindness has a name.
We can make every name here Central DB of Shoah Victims’ Names (yadvashem.org) take on a life of his/her own by generating a global effort to inspire 6 million acts of kindness.
Every Kindness has a life
Yes there is a haunting Hall of Names, but we can breathe life into each and everyone of them.
The Idea
We will do a kind act to another human being, log in the act next to a name of a martyr, on our website, immortalize that name – who will fascinatingly be the catalyst for a pulsating cycle of kindness. Each martyr will live on in every life that you touch with that act of kindness.
Special Projects
Schools, families, synagogues, groups of people can adopt a city, region, or just go through the names…
During the Month of March 2021.
The significance of March
Some 1.7 million Polish Jews perished in the “largest single murder campaign of the Holocaust” from March 1942 to November 1943, mostly in gas chambers in the Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor death camps, according to professor Lewi Stone, a mathematician at Tel Aviv University.
Our Reaction
So this March 2021, 79 years later; we will band together and M.A.S.K.IT! 
United by a common goal to spread goodness and light through these dark and difficult times, when so many are struggling, feel alone, afraid, and lost and generate a historic vibrancy of life and goodness, we will perform Six Million Kind Acts Internationally! All it takes is 200,000 strong to do 1 Kind Act a day for 1 Month to M.A.S.K.IT! 
We will use these challenging times of pandemic to create a cataclysmic new reality…because each kind act creates a new timeless living reality of happiness, goodness and love!

Lists of Martyrs: These lists cover where the victims lived before the war, during, and where they were killed.

3,667,393 Names – Poland
859,565 Names – Russia

573,721 Names – Romania

494,622 Names – Germany
437,904 Names – Hungary
238,569 Names – Slovakia
217,257 Names – Latvia
167,715 Names – Austria
152,424 Names – France
105,481 Names – Lithuania
74,752 Names – Greece
48,900 Names – Belgium
41,760 Names – Croatia
33,941 Names – Serbia
21,762 Names – Bosnia
16,020 Names – Italy
729 Names – Georgia
647 Names- Norway
Your Input
Before we launch, we are collecting your positive suggestions, which you could share below, in an effort to formulate a most robust and effective campaign. We could use your help in 1) building the technology to support this initiative and 2) marketing and publicity.  We thank you for your input.
Six Million Acts of Kindness Suggestion Form
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