June 20, 2024



Do One Kind Act per Soul who perished in the Holocaust.

6 Million Kind Acts will transform our reality.

Their past * your present * our future!
One kind act is all you need to do to join our historic social revolution.
Below are millions of names of holocaust martyrs; – each one a whole world!  – where they lived and where and when they perished.
Each one yearns to live on in our lives forever.
Database of 6000000 Holocaust Martrys

Lists of Martyrs: These lists cover where the victims lived before the war, during, and where they were killed.


The Kindness Clock: # of Kind Acts Generated

Do a kind act in memory of a martyr. Perpetuate his/her name.

You will –

  • cause an explosion of kindness across the world

  • connect the past, present & future

  • make morality win.

How it Works! 2 Simple Steps

Step 1

How to receive a name?

One of Two Options

  1. Choose a specific name by searching the database by name or location – or
  2. Click “Random Name Request
Step 2


  • You will be instantly directed to the Kindness Form, with the name and date of passing of a WWII victim of your choice (or random name automatically appearing in the form).
  • Fill in your name and the kind act that you did.
  • You can also nominate your friend’s kind act in memory of a martyr
Instant & Long-Term Gratification
  • You will receive: a) a pin # which you can use when you fill in a kindness form the next time – this will enable your account to be credited for another point…and
  • b) an automated Kindness certificate including your name, the date of your kindness and the profile of the martyr’s name your perpetuated.


  • If you nominated a friend, he/she can receive the certificate too.
  •  The Kindness Clock will register 1 more kind act till the 6,000,000 number
  • You can view an interactive global map depicting where kind acts are being performed now. (You will be able to view history too.)
  • After importing your kind act, a colored icon with your initials will appear on the interactive map with a line connecting your icon with the icon depicting where the martyr perished.
  • Your name will now appear on the database next to the martyr’s name your perpetuated.




Share your Experience: See some on our Blog

The Shared Community Experience

Submit your feelings and experience. They may be featured on our blog.

Profiles: Inspiring Acts
Submit Heroic Stories of Survivors & Martyrs

Submit a story of your loved one who perished or survived the holocaust here.

Challenge yourself. Do it Again!. Earn points by getting a friend to do so too.

Challenge yourself to become a Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Ruby, and then Diamond Member by doing a storm of Kind Acts and/or inspiring others to do so. Your icon color will change accordingly.

Bronze: 50 Acts

Silver: 120 Acts  

Gold: 180 Acts

Platinum: 260 Acts

Ruby: 360 Acts

Diamond: 500 Acts

Sapphire: 1000 Acts

Upon accomplishing each goal you will receive an automatic generated certificate to your inbox

** Your friend can import that they were inspired by you and you will earn points automatically.**

Interactive Real-Time Global Kindness Map
  • Watch where people like you across the globe are performing kind acts in honor of holocaust victims right now.
  • Watch your location icon connect with the location icon of the martyr you are perpetuating positioned where he/she perished.
The Map

Their past inspires your present to make our future!

Forever Together: One Act. One Name One People

Mock Form
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