May 27, 2024


Emergency Sponsor Simchas Torah Smiles Campaign




Join our “Chesed fund” crowdfunding campaign right here raising $100000 to bring joy to thousands of israel’s “Lockdown” children this simchas torah Donate Here

Do kol hanearim with 10,000 kids under your talis

Every chassan & kol hanearim will get a new top of the line talis with a personalized embroidered talis bag


Dancing together
Sharing treats
Joined in Song
This year what will be?
Our shuls are shuttered. Our Sifrei Torah stand alone

And what about the children?

The joy that is inculcated within them on Simchas Torah
The love for Torah and the excitement for the day
While we can’t give them the whole experience
Go Bidud aims to provide a taste
A remembrance

A special package to children in Israel under lockdown

To let them experience Simchas Torah
It may be different than usual
but it can still be a happy wonderful time for every child in Israel
And that’s where you come in

Donate today to GoBidud’s Emergency Simchas Torah campaign

and send a Simchas Torah package to a child (or maybe 1000 children!) in Israel

GO Sponsor your children –

Step 1 of 2

Chasan Bereishis & Chasan Torah Honor Roll

This year when you rejoice in your shul as Chasan Bereishis, or Chasan Torah Include thousands of locked down Israeli children in your personal simcha from  afar. Let their pure blessings join your shul’s blessings and shower you with limitless good.

Your name IYH will be displayed and shared with the children.

Tizku Lemitzvos!


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