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Special Missions

Last updated: July 19, 2021
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May 4th – From Corona to Meron: Supporting Each Other

May 9th – Grieving & Supporting each Other – Meron Tragedy with Mrs. Shira Bergman, Rav Zecharya Greenwald, Rav Zev Leff

May 12th – Launched the Friendship Freezer Program

May 15th – 250 Care Packages for children in War-Torn Lod and Achisemech for Shavuot 5781

May 24th – 20 Special Care Packages for Karlin tragedy survivors

May 25th – 75 Care Packages for traumatized children in Ashdod

June 2nd- Launched the weekly Shabbos Initiative for Post High School Girls

June 3rd – 200 Care packages for traumatized children in Sderot

June 17th – 100 Care packages for traumatized children in Tel Aviv

June 17th – 300 catered meals distributed in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to generate Unconditional Love

June 22nd – Launched Weekly High School Girl Youth Groups

July 10th – Launched Upper Elementary Boys Shabbos Groups

July 11th – Rav Pinchas Erlanger, Rav Zecharia Greenwald, Milchig Buffet Dinner for Post High School Girls with 9 Days Kumzitz

Tisha B’av – Programming for High School & Post High School girls