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GoBidud Subsidized Vacation to Sataf, Nes HaRim & the North

Last updated: August 1, 2021
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Treat yourself & your family to a much needed change of scenery for a special price!

RSVP by 10 AM July 28th

Spots are limited.


Iriyiat Yerushalayim has awarded GoBidud with a subsidized vacation for our constituents to Nes HaRim on Aug4th – Aug.5th.

מרכז שדה ויער נס הרים: התמונות


Wednesday Aug. 4th 11:30 AM – Bus Leave from Ramat Eshkol & Sanhedria Murchevet to Sataf

You can bring bikes along!

4:00 PM arrive at Nes HaRim Bungalow with 6 beds, private bathroom, refrigerator


Juggling Show @ Night by Rabbi Abrahamson

Thursday Aug 5th Bus Leaves to North 9:00 AM

Details to follow

Return to RE/SM 9:00PM


64NIS Ages 0-2

69 NIS Ages 3-6

88 NIS Ages 7-120

Scholarships available for children ages 0-2


GoBidud/Go-Idud Subsidized Vacation Enrollment Page
Thank you for joining our trip. For the safety & security of your family, please provide the following information.