July 24, 2024



So many ways to volunteer your special chessed abilities!

You can offer to:

  1. Run errands
  2. Take out people’s garbage
  3. Do their heavy or light shopping
  4. Call lonely people — yes kids can call their friends too!
  5. Help people with bureaucratic needs
  6. Share useful information
  7. Help connect needy with places to quarantine
  8. Baking Marathons for Care Packages for Mothers in Bidud
  9. Baking and Cooking Marathons for Care Packages for Yeshiva Bachurim and Seminary Students in Bidud
  10. Letters to Sem Girls in Bidud
  11. BidudBuddies Care Packages Packing
  12. Simchas Torah Bags Packing
  13. Phone calls to the elderly
  14. Join the GoBidud CDC: Communal Daily Completion of Sefer Tehillim
  15. Help your community benefit from GoBidud
  16. Publicize our service
  17. Donate

A chessed for every person, stage, and age.

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Simply submit the form and a GoBidud representative will attempt to pair you with a local family in need or an appropriate venue for you to share your kindnesses.

Volunteer Form
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If you encounter any technical issues with our forms, use the report a technical issue form on the contact page or email contact@gobidud.com, so we can help solve the issue.